Barn Setup for Lambing Season

There is an open 36×36 area to the rear of the barn that we’ve split into the main sheep area, creep feed pen for the lambs and the opening into “lamb alley” where the jug pens are located. This first picture shows the 24×36 main sheep area.

The second picture is the 12×24 lamb creep pen. We flipped mesh gates upside down and the lambs crawl into the pen through the opening at the bottom. For now there are 4 horse hay feeders attached to the wall. At some point there will be feeders similar to the ones in the first picture but that hang on the wall.

This picture shows the 12×12 opening into “Lamb Alley” where we have 6, 6×5 jug pens for new moms and babies. The entire alley is 12×36.

Lamb Alley. The gate at the end goes into the medical pen.

Medical pen. 12×24 area with a chute set up into a squeeze stand/tilt table for trimming and giving shots.

The gate to the right swings out against the wall, utilizing the tilt table as a chute wall and goes into a caged scale at the other end.

Another view of the whole chute system. The scale will sit on the giant board inside the cage. It’s currently getting repaired.

This picture shows the old stall fronts from 4 horse stalls turned into the jug and medical pens. The shelves on the end hold meds and supplies, the feeder on the wall with an old table leaf makes a great table, the pink cooler makes a great stool while trimming hooves, the shear stand is portable and pretty self explanatory.

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