Heat Wave, Go To The Beach!

We had a minor heat wave this week and it just so happened during our planned trip to the beach for my daughter Morganna’s, 12th birthday! Happy Birthday sweet girl!
Shane took charge of the garden, sheep, and the rest of the farm while we’ve been gone, but not much was looking like vast changes before we left anyway.
It was also Shane’s daughter Constance’s birthday last week so we made a trip down to Lacomb to celebrate it on Sunday the 14th. Morganna was on a trip with her dad and didn’t get to go, but I bet she was having a blast with him!

Pictured: the beach of course!

Sheep News

I’ve been watching the summer lambs born late June/July. They are due to be weaned Sept. 10th. All are out of Registered St Croix parents so could be registered later on down the road if they grow well. One of the ram lambs is getting either scurs or horn nubs so he’s going to be a market lamb for sure. The other ram lamb has potential to be registered and become a breeder that we sell. I’ll probably hold onto him through the winter unless someone REALLY wants him sooner. The ewe lambs I’m thinking through and might sell one of them as registered breeding stock as well. I’m more interested in keeping a ewe lamb from her and the ram Leroy who is in with them now. We’ll see what happens.

Other sheep news – breeding is almost over! Only a week left!

Adventures in Chickens

We are getting anywhere from 7-10 eggs a day now! Most are small and not large enough for selling, but Morganna is earning her pay going out to check for eggs several times a day with her egg basket! The Rhode Island red hens are usually who we see in there laying, but I know we’re getting Olive Eggers, maybe some Americauna, and a Brahma for sure. I think Dominant Copper eggs are in the mix too and maybe some Barred Rock. It’s fun trying to figure out what kind of eggs each egg is. They taste delicious too!

Garden Updates

Well Morganna and I had a brain fart and left the garden gate open. A ram and a few chickens managed to get in there. Not much got hurt, but some of the sunflowers had their tops eaten as did some radishes (I wasn’t too heartbroken about those radishes though haha), there were hoof tracks in the bed with the freshly planted peas, kale, and lettuce, but most of that seemed fine. Thankfully they didn’t get much!

On another note, I see more carrot seedlings starting to come up! I think they are still part of that Danvers package we planted. I saw some nasturtium, snow peas, and lettuce starting to sprout too. Tomatoes are coming on, but nothing ripening yet. I see more Zucchini on the way too! Nothing from the cucumber yet, but it’s finally starting to take off growing. I’m keeping a tomato cage on it because I don’t know if it’s a bush or climbing cucumber. Can’t wait to try them!


I haven’t made it down to the woods in quite a while with it being so hot. The thought of climbing back up that hill in 90 degree heat just doesn’t appeal to me at all! Shane’s been fly fishing all over the place lately and he started a fun little YouTube channel called Dinks Guru to showcase his learning to film with a GoPro and successfully catch fish. Lots of small fish in the area, hence the name “Dinks”. He does catch some pretty decent fish now and then though. In any case, his channel is fun to watch! Be aware a swear word might pop out now and then though!

Here’s a butterfly from the barnyard.

Crabtree Creek

We went down to Lacomb and played in Crabtree Creek on Sunday. Shane’s daughter, Constance, and her boyfriend, Adrian, joined us down there where she found that beautiful Mussel shell and the Carnelian Agate. We were visiting to celebrate her 18th birthday! Happy Birthday Constance!!

Beach Trip to Lincoln City

I can’t be at the beach and not include some beach pictures!

Next blog post will be Saturday, Aug 27th.
See you then!

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