Progress: Raised Beds & Chickens

This past week there’s been stormy weather that produced tons of fires in the mountains, Garden first harvests/plantings, and some Chicken updates!

Pictured: Stormy skies reaching for us from the South

Wild Weather

Tuesday the 9th was a wild weather day with Thunderstorms all over the area. Shane took his GoPro out behind the barn and filmed this video of some lightning to the West of us last night. This storm produced over 100 lightning strikes in the Salem area on northwestward.

Garden News

Morganna and I planted a fall crop of Dwarf Siberian Kale (back 1/3), Buttercrunch Lettuce (front 1/3) and Sugar Sprint Edible pod Snow Peas (middle 1/3) today.
Also put in some Glorious Gleam Nasturtium seeds around the two ends of the bed.

Click to Enlarge

Morganna was noticing the Radishes are almost ready to harvest. I’d like to wait a few more days though as they’re pretty small. Also have a Zucchini about ready to harvest!

Morganna and I went out to check the garden this morning and harvested a ton of Pink Beauty Radishes and a Spineless Perfection Zucchini! Those radishes are SPICY too! Not growing this variety again hahaha.

Chicken Adventures

One of the Brahma hens laid her first egg finally (at least I think it’s her first!). It dwarfs the other eggs in the carton!

Brahma egg on an antique egg scale belonging to Connie’s grandmother! Circa 1930’s-40’s

Sunday the 7th Shane decided to let the 9 week old Swedish Flower Chicks out with the 4 month old chickens. The Brahma Rooster, Frost, was a complete jerk so he’s now in the old chick pen, separated from the flock. Looking like he’ll make a good dinner later this month! We have a lot of roosters in the Swedish Flower group to give the older Barred Rock guy, Mr. Rooster, a run for his money. I know at least half the Swedish Flower look like hens, a few I’m not certain of, and a few more are definitely roos. Speaking of roos, if you are interested in buying some of those beautiful boys, remember they are listed on our Birds/Eggs Available page.

Sheep Updates

The sheep are still out there breeding. Not a bunch to report. We have some customers interested in all the Katahdin ewes and ewe lambs we have available, hoping that all works out! All that will be left are a couple Registered St Croix ewes, a commercial St Croix ram, and some Market Lambs (which I am holding onto for now).

Next blog post will be Thursday, August 18th.
See you then!

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