Today’s the Day!

Today is day 147 in the gestation of our ewes. That means from today forward we could expect babies! This morning I went down before my daughter got up for school and looked them over a bit. One ewe wasn’t chewing her cud, didn’t get up when I went in the barn and looked a bit uncomfortable. All signs she could be in early labor. I’ll be checking her and the other’s throughout the day.

Morgan and I finished cleaning what Shane and I started in the 12×12 medical pen in the barn and set up the jug pens on Thursday. Now all is set up and ready for lambing! Pictures below at the end of the blog post.

Yesterday my good friend Yates brought us a new registered St Croix yearling ram with 4 registered St Croix ewes and a 50/50 St Croix/Katahdin ewe. She needed the money for hay as it’s gotten really expensive up where she is AND one of these ewes is older and would probably fair better at our place for the winter anyway. These ewes are due to start lambing June 12th. I also put them all in with our yearling ewes and am exposing them to the ram as well. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but since I was already lambing, I figured why not make the most of it. I’m not a huge fan of summer lambing with flies, grass fading away in late July/August due to lack of rainfall and temps in the 80-100’s. We’ll see what this will cost us! It’s not usually very economical, but we shall see! Pictures below.

An update on our vehicle situation. Shane will get enough money for his totaled vehicle to hopefully build his 12×12 woodshop and buy my 4Runner from me. My 4Runner was totaled so I will get enough money to buy an older minivan (also using my mother’s car for a trade in) and fix my Ford Ranger (it’s been sitting for a lot of years not running). If I have enough money I would like to also get a dual fuel generator for the house in case we lose power like we did last year during the February ice storm.

The new washer works great but the PVC it attaches to with the water hoses cracked and needs repaired. Our clothes are piling up a bit and I might need to go to the laundromat just to get caught up for a minute! Until the weather is nicer out, I may do that with sheets and towels there anyway since I can’t hang them on the outside lines.

Yesterday Shane and I went down into the lower pasture to set up the Trail Cam on a deer trail to see what passes through. On the way back I saw some cool False Turkey Tail fungus on an Oak log. Pictures below.

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