What In The Actual Hell Is Going On!

The week after the last blog post started off well…..

The new washer came on Friday and is on the porch ready to go. Bad news is that the PVC the cold water comes from cracked so needs to be replaced. Easy fix, but annoying nonetheless!

Next round of bad news. On Saturday, Shane’s Jeep Patriot was hit on a corner when the other driver sneezed, swerved into his lane and didn’t see him in time to correct more than this. They met drivers side to drivers side. The other vehicle was a Suburban and it fully lost it’s driver’s side front tire. Shane has some whiplash but is otherwise okay. The Jeep not so much. Looking like it might be totaled.

Sunday early afternoon Morgan, Shane and I took a walk to the woods in the sunshine and looked for rocks in the creek. This was nice and peaceful. Much needed after the day before!

Also on Sunday, a good friend of mine called and needed to re-home 5 St Croix Ewes and a St Croix Ram as she’s running out of hay. Bonus for me since I got them for fairly cheap and my St Croix took a hit this year. They should be here in a week or so, fingers crossed!

Now we get to Monday. Foggy, 30 degrees out. Looks a little icy. Take my daughter to school just fine but on the way home (now mind you I’m being really careful as I have rear wheel drive in my 4 runner and knew it doesn’t do well in ice) I hit the ice on my road and start to spin sideways. I correct it but it just spins sideways the other way. This happens a couple times until I knew I had only a choice of one ditch or the other. One is very steep and full of water, the other not so steep and grassy. Obviously I chose the lesser of two evils. I hit hard enough that the airbags deployed their stinking, gun shot sounding, in my face bags. A nice man gave me a drive to my house (not even 1/4 mile away). My front end took a hit but Shane went down and managed to drive it back home while I just sat and cried at my computer for a while. I’m sure my insurance will end up totaling it as well due to it’s age and the fact the air bags went off. Just fantastic.

Hoping to put all of this behind us and have a great lambing season! Here’s to the next week going better than this one!

2 thoughts on “What In The Actual Hell Is Going On!

  1. Hi Amy, when things are to go wrong, they will no matter what we do. I gave up trying to fight this. Glad no one was hurt. Everything will get around sooner or later. All best for the lambing!

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