First Full Moon of 2022, a few days late.

I really did intend to write this on Monday but was busy cleaning our mud room for the delivery of a new top load washing machine. The old front load just finally called it quits, leaving me with a load of laundry I had to re-wash at the laundromat. We’ve been going there about every 3 days to keep up, but this Friday the new one will be here! Part of why we delayed delivery is the cleaning of the mud room (after probably 10 years of not being cleaned properly) and the back steps had rotted on one side and weren’t safe for delivery people to bring the washer. The floor of the mud room still has some chunks of mud to scrape up, but it’s getting there. Shane built a VERY heavy duty stairway and it’s almost finished, just needs one more step put on as that’s a long step down for those of us with short legs! Yes this is an old farmhouse, and I’m sure you noticed other things needing done, but that will come in time. At least the new washer can come. Can you tell I’m excited?! Pictures at the end of the blog post.

Morgan and I worked our butts off in the barn and cleaned the 12×12 “social pen” and the 12×36 “lamb alley” in the barn. This coming weekend we have the 12×12 “hospital pen” to clean (and it is DEEP) and set up the 6 jug pens in lamb alley. Babies should start dropping by the 1st of February! I noticed one of the Katahdin ewes, Red Sonja, is already bagging up pretty well. I’m thinking she might be one of the first to lamb (there are a couple of first timer’s in the group and they can go from looking like nothing is happening, to a lamb in a few hours so I can’t predict those very accurately!) We have a lot of BIG bellies out there so hoping for lots of twins! Despite the flock difficulties this year, I still feel like Christmas in the barn when the babies start coming!

If you don’t follow our blog, scroll to the bottom of this page and you can enter your email to subscribe. I usually post once a week so your email won’t be overwhelmed. BUT BABIES ARE COMING AND ARE SO CUTE!

Next update will be on Tuesday, Jan 25th, or so. See you then!

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