Sheep Musings

I’ve been sitting down talking with my mother (the boss behind the scenes) and my boyfriend (the feeder of the sheep while my shoulder is still out of commission) about what we should do with the sheep. After all this discussion, we are going to just let the ewes lamb this year, castrate all ram lambs, and at weaning/dry off we will take a very critical view of the sheep and cull any with even the slightest issue. We may hold onto some ewe lambs but the rest along with the castrated males will all be sold for market. Any not spoken for by mid June will be run to the auction. Not holding onto anything any longer than I need to this year.

We haven’t been doing a super great job of this, and might be kicking us in the butt a little. Lesson learned. Out of the 19 ewes that will be lambing, I’m thinking only 9 will be kept as of right now. Of course that could change after lambing happens too. The St Croix will take the biggest hit unfortunately. The 10 yearling ewe lambs I’m not sure what will stay or go yet as they are still young and go through a rather gangly/ugly stage before spring anyway hahaha. I see potentially half of those going down the road too though.

Once we get down to the core animals again, we will do plenty of screening for disease before adding any more animals to the flock. At this point it may be a couple years or more before we sell breeding stock. I won’t sell inferior animals and I will need to build up our flock again.

Thanks for understanding!

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