Pasture Lockdown 2021

My daughter, Morgan, and I went out before breakfast to go sort the sheep, llamas, and horse into lockdown areas before the winds really started to pickup. We’re having a doozy of a windstorm with potential for 40mph wind gusts.
The babies (as we call the keeper ewe lambs) are in with the horse with a nice lean-to they are not smart enough to use yet. They are standing out in the wind and rain after I showed them their shelter with grain, to no avail. They’ll figure it out, hopefully by tonight.
The llamas were put with the rams and ram lambs out in their own area with a nice lean-to as well. At least they know to use it!
The ewes have full reign of the front and back barnyards (and the barn overhang) from now through lambing, until the pastures open back up around April 1st. Each pasture gets 6 months off for winter.

As soon as the winds go away, I want to go walk the woods to see if any other cool mushrooms have popped up. Might do that tomorrow as today just looks nasty out and I don’t want a tree branch on my head!

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