Autumn is Here!

The rains of yesterday and today have made that almost 90 degree day of last friday seem like the distant past. It’s not even supposed to reach 60 today. The grass is greening up in the lawn and pastures nicely while the sheep are eagerly gobbling up any they find within grazing reach. I’m really eager to head to the woods again soon to see if any mushrooms have popped up out there. In the past I’ve seen Boletes behind our old barn beneath the White Oak and Douglas Fir trees. Several kinds of Russula pop up in the lower pasture near similar trees, including some White Fir, Ash, Oso Plum, and Hazel brush. Soon I’m sure the poisonous Agarica will pop up in the yard again as it does every year. With this rain our creek should actually start flowing again too! Hopefully by the last half of the week I will get to go exploring!

The sheep are down to the last 3 weeks of breeding season with one more pasture rotation, on October 6th, before they get sorted out again. As I sit to write this post, I saw a nice sized flock of geese fly over. Another sure sign that fall is here. Many of the trees are holding out and keeping green leaves in place. Much later than last year. The fires last year put a chill in the air by blocking sunlight and by this time had the leaves falling like snow everywhere. We are very thankful for no forest fire threat this year, and the flora can resume it’s normal autumn changes.

My daughter Morgan was part of the Young Entrepreneur program at our local farmer’s market and will be awarded some money Thursday evening. The mayor and two news outlets should be there. I’m extremely proud of her and all her hard work crocheting and baking!

That’s about all we have to report this week!
Until next time….

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