Breeding Day!

Today was finally the day!
It’s a New Moon, beautiful day, and they were all excited (some more than others haha).

Also today, we were able to buy back a couple Registered St Croix ewes, a Registered St Croix ram and February born twin ram/ewe lambs out of one of the ewes (though different father). The lambs were separated from their mom today so they are a bit loud. We put the ewe lamb out in the orchard with all the other keeper ewe lambs and the ram lamb is keeping the big ram company in a horse stall. The young guy is for sale but I need to evaluate his quality before I decide for sure where he’s going.

The two ewes are being bred to our black/white Registered St Croix Ram Luke along with 8 other Registered St Croix ewes (and yes, that black/white ewe is REGISTERED ST CROIX!). Luke was so pleased! They are staying in the barn for a little while though as one of the ewes was a bit thin and Luke still has a slight cough. He’s been treated for it, but I think the dusty barn tends to make him cough again when it gets stirred up like it did today some.

Mr Chief, our Registered Katahdin ram got 11 somewhat grass-fat Registered and Recorded Katahdin ewes. I think Merla was bred immediately. Guess we’ll see in February!

I’ve mentioned our Commercial Katahdin ram lamb, Crichton before. He is now 7 months old and we gave him 2 Registered Katahdin ewes to breed to see how he does. His mother is the one who has never given us a ewe lamb in all the years we’ve bred her. Sonja (red ewe) has holes on either side of her jaw that are healing up. I have a feeling a coyote may have tried to grab her when she had her head through a fence or it surprised her and she got away. It’s good she’s in the barn so I can give her some antibiotics.

Lambs are due after January 31st, 2022. If you want to be on the waiting list for lambs, please go to the contact section above and send me an email! Also you can follow my blog in the same area to keep tabs on lambing season when it begins!

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