August Full Moon/Blue Moon 2021

It’s a full moon today.

Rotated the sheep pastures (do this every full and new moons, 3 pastures rotate every roughly 2 weeks giving each a month off). Breeding starts on the new moon in just over 2 weeks for the next rotation. 21 ewes due the new moon end of January.

Shane and I are thinking of heading down to the partially dried up creek in our woods tonight to sit and listen to the nighttime critters in the full moonlight. Sounds potentially creepy haha.

Have you ever had seriously weird dreams about a place, even your property that left you unsettled and feeling apprehensive? I have, many times. Our lower pastures are wide open up top but the very bottom is wooded and filled with underbrush. I would always have dreams of being in the pastures at dusk and seeing coyotes patrolling the fenceline and the sheep are finding ways to get out, of course. I try frantically to get the darned sheep back in, but they keep getting back out and the coyotes are nearby, shadows in the underbrush.

One time I dreamt the forest was still old growth (older than it ever was when I was growing up here). Some cowboy was down there and made camp just inside the border of our pasture and the woods. I remember telling him he was on private property and he just shrugged his shoulders as suddenly a whole bunch of cars started driving down there from our road. Next thing you know I see a raised highway on pillars going through our woods. About that time something aggressive with red eyes charges me out of the woods and I wake up.

I’ve had variations of those 2 dreams several times. I don’t know how many of you believe in the spirits of the land or spirits of the trees, but I really felt like it was a warning. Like the forest was feeling threatened by our logging it many years ago and feeling neglected because we quit spending time down there. I went down at dusk after those dreams, felt the hair on the back of my neck come up as I approached the woods, apologized to the forest, and suddenly that feeling subsided.

Ever since then, and since my daughter became old enough, we started going down there and spending time again. I met Shane, and he too loves to go down there with us. You’ll see lots of blog posts about Woods Walks now from our trips.

I guess wether you believe in spirits of place or ancestors, etc., it’s always good to honor the land you live on and keep it feeling nurtured and respected.

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