Breeding Season Delay & More

This is a quick check-in from the ranch:

Normally I would breed tomorrow for January lambs, but with the 100 degree heat coming and lasting for who-knows-how-long, and the fact that our Registered St Croix, Luke is having some minor health issues that need to clear up. You guessed it. Not the right time. We will wait until the next new moon which is September 6th with lambing due date starting January 31, 2022 or thereabouts. Weaning will occur May 15, 2022 with lambs ready to go a week or two after that date.

Please send some healing vibes to this guy for a speedy recovery! I have 8 girls eager to meet him I’m sure!


In other news, we are experiencing an unprecedented drought in the area. Our creek is down to puddles that will soon go stagnant. We didn’t even put in a garden this year. Starting in November, we will be prepping a large area with cardboard and compost to become a garden next year. Hoping to do some fencing projects too this fall. So much to do and much of it waits for rains to soften the ground some. We have landscape trees sitting in kiddie pools on the porch waiting to be planted this fall too. After cutting down our ancient, bug ridden apple trees and the old Tulip Poplar (due to fire hazard) in our yard, it looks barren and HOT out there.

I hope you all are doing okay this summer. Some places are getting flooding and some places would welcome even a single rain shower to happen!

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