Breeding Season Approaches

Breeding will begin with the New Moon of August 19th! This will make day 147 fall near the New Moon of January 12th, 2021. Following the moon cycles is just how we do things around here. We try to use the Old Farmer’s Almanac for some things and hope to be better at it in the future as my Grandma Verna swore by it!

Breeding groups are as follows:

Registered St Croix Group 1
Ram: Dasher
Ewes: Bella, Jazzy, Fizzy, Sunny, Santa Barbara, Gilroy

Recorded Katahdin Group 2
Ram: Titan
Ewes: Sandy, Colby, Flora,

Registered Katahdin Group 3
Ram: Chief
Ewes: Sugar, Ginger, Sonja, Poppy, Panda

Registered/Recorded Katahdin Group 4
Ram: Big Red
Ewes: Sookie, Merla, Magpie, Cicely, Dahlia

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