Sold Out!

The last lamb left the ranch today! We are officially sold out of both lambs and adults until May 2021! A huge thank you to all of our customers!

If you are interested in putting your name on the list for Registered St Croix, Registered Katahdin, Commercial Katahdin, or Market lambs next year, please send us a message using the Contact form.

We will keep everyone updated through the Blog and Facebook during lambing season so you can enjoy the cuteness with us!

Once the first evaluation day happens (usually at about 60 days old), we will ask for deposits of $100 for breeding stock and $50 for market stock to hold. If you want to use PayPal for deposits, please select the Friends and Family setting or you will be charged the extra 3% PayPal charges for transactions. You can contact us for other methods of sending money as well.

Breeding season is only 3 weeks away or so! Enjoy your summer/autumn and we will be seeing our customers in the Spring!

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