RIP Old Rose

Rose passed away early in the morning, August 8th, from old age (appeared like Congestive Heart Failure or a Heart Attack). She was a bottle baby in 2009 and was extremely tame as a result.
First picture below is in 2016 when she had triplets. This is when we discovered she only had half an udder and had to help her out a bit with bottle feeding. We tried to retire her in 2017 but she looked absolutely depressed not having a lamb to care for. Second picture is 2018 when we decided to breed her the summer before, fully prepared to bottle feed. She blessed us with a single ewe lamb and was able to care for it all by herself. This was her last lambing and she fully retired in 2018 after weaning. From then on we kept her in with the keeper ewe lambs after they were weaned so they got used to coming when I call.
She loved her scratches and she loved lambs during lambing season. Such a good girl!

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