Weaning Day!

Thursday, May 7th was weaning day so it’s been NOISY around here!

Here are some pictures of the lambs, available for pickup starting next week!
Registered Katahdin $300, Registered St Croix $250, Commercial $200, Market $70-$110

Keeper ewe lambs. Two St Croix, and two Katahdin
All the ewe lambs for sale! Commercial have been spoken for. Purebred St Croix Still available.
All the ram lambs for sale. A St Croix ram and a Commercial ram are spoken for, rest are available.
Market lamb group. One is spoken for. Some are ugly, that’s why they’re in this group! Haha

We also wormed who needed it, sorted llamas, etc. On a very sad note, it appears our gelding llama died in the wooded part of the pasture and the coyotes took advantage of the opportunity for a meal. We’ve been watching the carcass through the rifle scope when we could see this morning, but only Turkey Vultures down there. Maybe they’re keeping the coyotes at bay now, hard to say. I wasn’t going to be heartbroken if there was a coyote to shoot at however.

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