Garden Projects

We are trying to get a new garden area set up still for the vegetables. Today a friend of mine brought over some wonderful topsoil to put in the raised bed boxes!!

There’s next to no rocks and it’s really nice and loamy. He will be bringing more over as he works on one if his jobs. I will be going out to purchase a roll or two of landscape cloth and weed-eat the areas to put the garden in. The cloth should keep the grass at a minimum to set the raised beds on. We plan to add mulch in between the beds for walking and kneeling on. Right now I have probably 2-3 raised bed boxes ready to go in once the ground is ready. Hoping to have this accomplished by next week. Might go ahead and buy some more lumber to build more. Eventually the raised beds may switch from wood to stone/concrete blocks. For the sake of expediency and cost though wood will be fine.

We plan to use hog panels to surround the garden area away from the lambs this year too. The orchard still needs something in it to keep the grass down!

I will keep you updated as to the slow progress we are making! Thank goodness for good friends and outdoor projects for social distancing!

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