A Homestead

What is a homestead to you?

When I think of homestead, I think of how my grandparents or great grandparents lived off the land, able to survive about anything. They had livestock, gardens, knew how to handle a gun and fish, knew natural or folk remedies, used the Old Farmers Almanac and knowledge of the seasons to the best of their abilities, and put family first.

On our homestead, it’s a constant work in progress. We raise hair sheep for meat and breeding stock, keep livestock protection animals and a horse that can be ridden (will have chickens and geese for eggs and meat in the orchard too).

We are working toward a new location for a vegetable garden in the orchard, along with reworking the watering system out there. We are landscaping with medicinal herbs, pollinator friendly and nicely scented, somewhat ornamental, plants with places to relax, play, and socialize.

Amy is learning more and more natural remedies all the time with a goal of creating items for sale besides use with the family.

We can hunt/fish and know wilderness first aid/survival. In fact Amy sometimes teaches the basics for emergency preparedness to the community.

Now we aren’t saying our way is the only way, but think about your life. Can you create your own homestead? Even in town there are places that allow chickens. If you can get away with it, why not have a vegetable garden instead of a lawn. Maybe, if in an apartment complex or development, there is a place for a community garden or place for a pollinator garden?

There is no shortage of ways to create some sort of homestead. Do some research!

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