Pastures Open! (and more news)

Today is the first day since the end of October that the livestock have gotten to eat in the pastures! They are so HAPPY! Last night I never even saw the llamas or horse as I think they stayed out all night. The sheep are smart enough to stay in or around the barn at night away from coyote predators. This has allowed us to scale back our remaining grass hay being fed out as well as lowering the amount of alfalfa being fed. It’s rather nice! Only 2 months from weaning!!!

In other news, a friend of mine is helping to get our yard, garden, orchard in order! I will plug his company Red Side Landscape LLC. So far we are in the beginning stages where several trees are needing removed, blackberries tamed, flower beds dug up, figuring out what resources we have around the farm to do many of the projects I have in mind. Right now I’m super happy the front lawn is mowed hahaha. I will keep you updated as we go!

Just wanted to get you all updated as it’s been rather quiet on my blog lately.

Freak March snowstorm! Short lived and gone fast however. This is looking off our front porch toward the mailbox.

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