Thank Goodness That’s Over….But Wait…

We had a week of mid to upper 90’s and even 100 last week. It cooled down this week, but this weekend has a small stretch of 90’s again…. Just one more month…one more month….one more month…

Pictured: Some of our first eggs!

Sheep News

Not much to report for this week. Rams are doing their jobs and most everyone’s been enjoying new pastures all week.

Remember, there’s ewe lambs ready to go now both in Commercial Katahdin Breeding Stock and in Market Stock along with a couple of February St Croix ram lambs that just didn’t flourish. Theres also a yearling Commercial St Croix ram available. The adult ewes won’t be ready until the end of August after breeding is over.

Swedish Flower Roosters

We have lots of Roos in the Swedish Flower Straight Run group. Time to let a few go!
Go to our Birds/Eggs Available Page for more info!

Shane and his favorite Swedish Flower Roo, Cowboy Dan.

First Round Chicks Are Maturing!

On Friday the 29th we found our first egg! I’m guessing may be from a Rhode Island Red hen. Shane ate it and said it was delicious! Hahaha
Since then we’ve been getting 2 a day and then 3! They are tiny right now. Takes 2 to equal one large or extra large egg, but the carton is filling up as we get the store bought eggs gone. Time for egg salad sandwiches to use them up I’m thinking!

Garden News

Just after the last blog post, Morganna and I planted round 3 of the carrots. These are 6 year old seeds that were kept in the fridge since we bought them. Hoping they do better than the last two we tried! This time we planted Danvers 126. Just a plain orange carrot. No fun colors this time (but there are seeds in the fridge that do have fun colors for future use!) The radishes are growing like crazy and a handful of sunflowers are getting taller!

We decided to do a fall planting in the remaining raised bed. Nastutiums, Snap Peas, Kale and Buttercrunch Lettuce. If any of those seeds fail, I have more in the fridge! Thursday night the pea and nasturtium seeds soaked in some water for planting this morning.

Starting to get some tomatoes and some baby cucumbers!

The Barnyard Pumpkin patch seems to be doing pretty well too!

In Other Exciting News..

I managed to mow 75% of the lawn this week! Mostly just weeds and a few clumps of grass that grew. I think I only had to dump the push mower bag 4 times for the entire front yard (which is huge). Shane is going to need to look at the mower too because it was vibrating so bad my right arm was going to sleep and my neck feels like I was in a car wreck!

Took Thursday off from mowing and spent the day with Morganna going shopping after her dentist appointment. I know I would really like to finish mowing today, but I think I’ll do laundry, dishes and housework instead after Morganna and I plant seeds in the empty raised bed this morning.

Next blog post will be Thursday, Aug 11th. See you then!

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