Colby Gives us Ram Lambs….Again


This ewe has NEVER given us ewe lambs in 3 lambings with 3 different ram sires. We’ll try the 4th ram this summer! I really want a ewe lamb out of her! UPDATE: Colby only has half an udder and her lambs may need supplementing. Fantastic (note the sarcasm). Further down you can watch her give birth and see the lamb from later tonight.

Commercial Katahdin, Colby, gives us an 8lb dark chocolate ram and a 10lb chocolate and white ram lamb today. Sire is Commercial Katahdin, Titan.

Watch the Birthing process with one of our favorite Katahdin ewes, Colby.

Registered Katahdin and first time mama, Panda had this nice 8lb ewe lamb tonight. Daddy is either of the Registered Katahdins Chief or Big Red. I will do DNA testing to see later on. Part of the wildfire mix up last September.

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