Christmas is Coming…

And no I’m not talking about the actual Christmas holiday that is going to be drastically different this year! I’m talking about lambing season. For those of us that have livestock, our “Christmas” is when the babies come. With the Katahdin and Crossbred flocks and sometimes with the St Croix flock, you just never know what color combinations, numbers of lambs, etc you’re going to get. Each visit to the barn is like Christmas morning, just a little slimier! This year lambs will start coming around January 12th and continue until the end of February. By the end of lambing season, the stragglers who haven’t lambed will make us crazy. Once they’ve lambed, the sigh of “Finally!”

If you want to be put on the waiting list for St Croix, Katahdin, Crossbred breeding stock or Market lambs, please send us an email!

Fat and Pregnant Ewes eating some alfalfa. 20 in all.

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