Busy Day on the Homestead

Today started early with a family friend of Shane’s coming over to dig holes for 3 new lean-to’s. The Horse/Ram Winter Lean-to is going to be 18×21 and split in half (2, 10×18 sections) with a wall only the rams can go through in one section and 2, 4 ft man doors (1 door for each section). The Yearling Ewe Winter Lean-to will be 12×12 as will the Ram Summer Lean-to:

Once the holes were dug, he switched out the augur for a tool that scraped together debris and grabbed it. Our burn pile is huge now! He also moved some railroad ties to the furthest lean-to locations so we don’t need to haul them there by hand. Some metal piles were combined together for recycling later too. What an awesome little machine!

Shane felt ambitious today and helped me by mowing all the lawn, weed whacking some brush, and cutting some trees and branches (no humans were injured haha):

I moved some t-posts and hog panels and cleaned the yard of debris and lawn furniture so Shane could keep mowing much easier. I feel like such a slacker compared to Shane today hahaha.

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