Breeding Season Ended

Today the rams came out of their breeding groups and all got to go into their horse stall, with old tires on the floor, to re-acquaint themselves without killing each other. They will probably stay in there 3-4 days, or until they seem to be mellowed out and getting along again. Their llama is awaiting their return to the pasture, probably glad to be alone to graze out there right now. The old man, Big Red, is staying in to fatten up as he didn’t handle our ashy skies as well as the younger stock. He’ll be getting his blood drawn this coming weekend along with all of our 6, 4year old ewes. Biosecurity screen before bartering one of the ewes and Big Red for some new St Croix blood (coming from NE WA state). Hoping all is clear so this transaction can happen! Feeling pretty confident though.

The yearlings and our old 13 year old pet wether are still out in the orchard for another month. Pasture lockdown is happening in the evening of Oct 30th this year (since the Full Moon is in the morning of the 31st). We are in the process of some new lean-to’s for the horse/ram winter group and the llama/pet wether/yearling ewe winter group to make feeding easier. In the past we kept the yearling ewes and the wether in with the pregnant ewes. We found the youngsters (and old man) weren’t able to compete with those big pregnant ewes and were getting pushed out of the feeders. Better they have their own wintering area and feed.

An interesting thing we are going to try in the horse/ram lean-to is what I call a ram “creep” pen. A place where they can go in and have their alfalfa without the horse hogging it all to herself. Thinking of making it a 12×24 lean-to with 12×12 of it just for the rams. The solid walls will be to the South and West. To the North and East will be a half wall that will open like gates so we may lock them inside, if need-be, for health checks. Once we have the lean-to’s made, I will share pictures of course!

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