This Week’s Lambs

2/8/20 – Twin ram lambs! White is 11 lbs and mom needed a little help getting his shoulders through. Brown is 10lbs. 100% Katahdin. Dam is Registered Katahdin Ginger and sire is Registered Katahdin Chief. Chief was only 6 months old when he bred her and she was raising a lamb she had back in mid July. They were put together just to see what happened.

2/9/20 – 11 lb ewe lamb. 50/50 St Croix/Katahdin. Dam is Registered St Croix Flora and Sire is Registered Katahdin Big Red.

2/10/20 – Twin ram and ewe lambs, 100% St Croix. Ram 7lbs, ewe 5lbs. Dam is first timer Registered St Croix Sunny and sire is Registered St Croix Douglas Fir.
Funny thing, she went into labor this morning an hour before I had to leave for work. A neighbor was driving by and saw her so stopped and pounded on our door. I thanked her and ran down and chased the ewe into the barn in case she needed assistance. I was getting the jug ready and she popped out the ram lamb. Since I was running out of time I just grabbed him, she followed, and put them in the jug. I got back to the house in time to get cleaned up and off to work. Got home this afternoon and there were twins! So glad she didn’t need help! I hate leaving first timers without supervision!

2/10/20 – Another set of twins from a first time mama. 100% St Croix ram lambs, both 7lbs. Dam is Registered St Croix Fizzy and Sire is Registered St Croix Douglas Fir.

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