Lambs – a catch up!

I hadn’t posted for a few days so here is all that has happened since the last blog post!

100% Katahdin ewe lambs, 8 and 10 lbs. Dam is Registered Katahdin Sandy. Sire is Commercial Katahdin Titan. Nice girls!!

100% St Croix ewe lambs! Both 9lbs. Dam is Registered St Croix Dazzle. Sire is registered St Croix Douglas Fir.

100% St Croix ram lamb, 10lbs. Dam is registered St Croix Rosie and sire is registered St Croix Douglas Fir.

Here is the 8lb ram lamb being raised as a single since losing his brother. 100% Katahdin. Dam is Registered Katahdin Sugar and Sire is Registered Katahdin Big Red. The deceased twin ram lamb was 10lbs.

10lb commercial ram lamb. 68.75% St Croix/ 23.4375% Katahdin/ 7.8125% Dorper.
Dam is first timer Commercial crossbred Dahlia. Sire is Registered St Croix Dasher.

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