Breeding has begun!

It’s that time of year again! Aug 30th (a new moon) we separated the ewes and rams into breeding groups for lambs born starting Jan 24th! We have a 7 ewe St Croix group, a 6 ewe Katahdin group, a 5 ewe Crossbred group, a 3 ewe Crossbred try-it-and-see-how-the-ram-does-this-year group, a Katahdin she’s-a-mom-and-he’s-5-months-old-we’ll-see pairing, and a non breeding group of 2, 7 month old, ewe lambs, a retired 10 year old ewe and a 12 year old wether.

I tried to post pictures of each group but had some issues with it. I might try again later, however, if you go to our Facebook Page (linked both on the right side of the page or at the bottom) I did manage to make individual posts of pictures and groups.

We’ve flushed and teased so hoping for the best, though I noticed teasing hasn’t seemed to really make any difference this year. The due date is the New Moon in January which is supposed to be the best time of the month for births to happen. Fingers are crossed it works out that way somewhat! Breeding is over on Oct 14th so lambing should also be finished by the end of February hopefully. We will have 20 ewes lambing if all goes well with a potential of roughly 40 lambs (I’ll wager it’s closer to 30 with all the first timers in there).

Today I collected the daily (or twice a week more like) apples from the old Gravenstein Apple trees in the back yard and took 5 gallon buckets to the various sheep groups that don’t have access to apples right now. They were most thrilled with this treat. I had to tread carefully as the yellow jackets were also enjoying the bounty. Looking at the trees, I think they are about finished dropping apples. Hoping to be able to get them severely pruned this winter for a better apple crop next year. The apples were just tiny and plentiful! The sheep and llamas don’t care though!

Stay tuned for any farm updates!

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