Flushing Time!

The ewes are less than a month away from breeding! We just started feeding them and the rams a tiny bit of alfalfa in the evenings. They’ll share a fence in a couple weeks for the teaser ram effect. Really hoping we get lots of twins this winter and fairly close together!

Breeding will be happening on a new moon as lambing during a new/waxing moon is supposed to be a good thing. This year that falls on August 30th, a little later than I would have liked but July 31st would have had lambing due starting on Christmas day. I would rather not rush the holidays! Day 147 falls on Jan 23, 2020, which gives me plenty of time to get ready.

I’ll update you all what rams got which ewes at the end of the month. Just know that we WILL have purebred/registered St Croix and Katahdin offspring, as well as commercial crossbred offspring!

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