Homestead Happenings 1/14/23

Pictured: Backyard campfire last Sat night.

Calendars Still Available!

I have a few calendars still available!
They are $18 plus shipping (runs about $8-9 in the USA).
Please send me a message below for payment options.

Sheep Adventures – More Babies!

1/7/23 – early morning

4 year old Registered Katahdin ewe, Poppy – HLW 100, had twin ewe lambs! The lighter one is 10lbs and the brown one is 9lbs. Sire is Registered St Croix Ram, Titus – Swecker RVR 2102. Lambs are 50% Katahdin/50% St Croix. Great mom, great udder.

1/7/23 – afternoon

4 year old Registered Katahdin ewe, Panda – HLW 1002, had a 9lb ram and 10lb ewe lamb this afternoon! Sire is Registered St Croix Ram, Titus – Swecker RVR 2102. Lambs are 50% Katahdin/50% St Croix. Her first set of twins!

As of today – 19 lambs out of 11 ewes. Purebred St Croix = 1 ram, 6 ewes. Crossbred St Croix/Katahdin (mostly) = 3 rams, 9 ewes.

Only 1 ewe for sure going to have babies soon. The 4 over the summer who had lambs didn’t appear to breed back and Katahdin ewe, Sparrow looks like she may have gotten missed. We’ll know for sure by the first week of Feb.

We lost 2 year old Registered Katahdin ewe, Fenella, sadly out of the blue this week. Her twin ewe lambs are now in a bummer pen with a milk bucket, lamb creep, alfalfa, grass hay and water.

More Sheep Adventures

Had a couple of February 2022 Katahdin wether lambs butchered for a customer today. Not something we’ll probably go through again though. Cost a lot of money for the customer because they had to pay pasture rent from date of purchase (late June) through today, then pay the kill fee, then cut/wrap at the meat company. For me, lambs just don’t grow well once the temps drop so the rate of gain wasn’t terrific. From now on live sales only and gone by October.

If you would like to see the pictures of the lambs after processing, I added links below:

Lamb #1
Lamb #2

Egg Updates

Shane and I talked and decided not to sell the eggs by size anymore. We’ll keep the extra small, jumbo, or any that are really dirty for us then the rest will just go in dozen or 18 pack cartons mix and match. Dozen will be $5 each, 18 pack $7 each.

Kitchen Additions

In our mission to rid our kitchen of anything with Teflon, I bought this pair of GraniteWare pans. A 1 quart and a 2 quart for making soup or boiling a couple eggs, etc. My new 4 quart Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Braisier also came Monday! Not as deep as I’d thought it would be, but I still love it! I want a Dutch oven next though!

Kitty Evil

Kitty Evil sleeps in the sink while I bathe haha.

Wildlife News

Wise Woman Musings

Please check out Crystal Caves Wise Woman on Facebook and Instagram for the Last Quarter Moon today!

As always I appreciate all the likes, follows, and subscribes from everyone as well! You’ll find links to all of the Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels for Hollow Hills Ranch, River Rocks Explorers, and Crystal Caves Wise Woman by clicking on each title. Please be sure to follow my blog down at the bottom of the page as well!

Next blog post will be for the New Moon, Saturday, January 21st.
See you then!

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