The Power is ON!

At 2:15pm today our electricity came back on. That was 286 hours or mathematically 11.92 days of being without it. To be fair we were fortunate enough to get that generator to keep most of our needs met, but a nice long soak in the bath will be welcome!

Now to do all the things that the power has kept us from doing, unless we went elsewhere or just suffered along. Laundry, Dishes, and Baths mostly. Also, the emotional drain of not having power has lifted so a night of rest, real rest, is in order.

I was so excited to see them working on our road yesterday I was already planning for the next stages of spring which, in my opinion, has sprung despite the ice storm. Our “Celtic” ancestors celebrated the first day of spring near February 1st. Buds are showing up on the trees, bulbs are starting to pop their greenery out of the ground, and its the time the sheep produce the most nutritious and heaviest milk for their lambs too believe it or not!

Mother and I have been discussing what to plant in a long narrow flower bed along the west side of the house. We’ve come up with Peonies, Day Lilies, Dwarf Weigela, a trellis with maybe an Evergreen Clematis, and maybe some Tulips and Daffodils as well. Obviously this isn’t the time of year to plant all of this, but planning can be done and we can leave room for stuff that likes fall plantings better. While I was at it I also did some research about plants under the kitchen window where it gets a little morning sun and a lot of shade, the front flower beds facing more southerly, and what annuals to plant in the containers on the patio.

We need to also plan for some tree take down unfortunately before we can tackle the idea of what to plant in the yards for pollinators and wildlife. One is a Tulip poplar that is way too close to the house and is a source of anxiety during wind storms, ice storms, and forest fires. The other two are some very old Gravenstein Apple trees that are dying and not producing much except tiny apples we have to constantly clean up before the Yellow Jackets come in. We will be making a memorial garden in that area as we have created a pet cemetery over there for our beloved kitties.

I hope everyone gets that restless project bug and can get outside to breathe the fresh crisp air before the hot days get here. I am beyond overjoyed to have electricity and some plans to move forward on! Now for the mud to go away! hahaha.

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