Ice Storm, Feb 2021

Currently, we are operating with a generator large enough to power the heat in the house, the well, our computers/router, and a lamp or two. I am able to update all about our current state of affairs after the nasty ice storm. We rarely get storms this bad and this damaging. In fact I can’t remember an ice storm having this bad of an effect on the trees and power lines. The ice started Friday, Feb 12th with small amounts of ice, not enough to really cause any trouble to the roads. Then that evening the power started flickering. We managed to get two loads of laundry, a load of dishes, my mother bathed, and the tub refilled with cool water before it finally went off for good. The first night is never that bad. Sat up reading books by flashlights or headlamps, temps tolerable. The ice started getting thicker outside and the ominous sounds of things falling outside started to occur. Tree limbs and trees were falling every few minutes. Needless to say, none of us slept well that night.

The next morning we awoke to all this:

The house was holding at 48 degrees aside from a little propane heater we found at Wilco which kept the living room around 55. This is the damage to our fences, shelters, and trees in general (while I was feeding the sheep one of the power lines by the road snapped and whipped so hard I thought it fell. It was still up, but a tree had fallen on it down below our property down the road a bit. Our road was littered with downed trees and downed powerlines. The neighbors were out in force cutting trees off the roads so they were at least passable in one lane):

These are pictures we took Sunday thru Tuesday when the ice had mostly melted (the power lines were still down in the road during this entire time. No one thought to alert PGE that we had down lines, only that we didn’t have power! A mistake I’m sure we won’t make again!):

Needless to say, we can’t wait to have power back on! It’s now Wednesday the 17th, our 5th day without power and no estimate as to when it will return as yet. I’m SO THANKFUL for this generator to at least be able to heat the house and water the animals. Getting sick of soup and hotdogs though hahahaha.

Update: We went 12 days without power!

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