Future Goals

What is difficult on a homestead is deciding how to prioritize all your future plans and goals. Taking small bites so you don’t get overwhelmed by the enormity of your ideas. There are so many ideas I have for this place that it’s very hard to settle on what to do just for this year.

Our dryer decided to die on us recently so Shane and I put up a new clothes line. I’m not sure I even want to replace the dryer at this point. Certainly saves money drying outside or inside on racks. At least this was a quick and easy goal to complete for 2021!

I have a few small projects that include splitting a pasture in half, changing a small fence to have 2 gates where the pastures are getting split, and moving some cattle panels for another fence. The sheep projects will pretty well be finished after that for now.

In talking to Shane and my mother, the most important plan for this year is finishing getting a vegetable garden in place, rebuilding the pantry in the kitchen, doing a lot of canning, then seeing where we can go next.

The orchard is the beast. It’s hard to imagine how such a small area can have so many projects!! We need to install a new drip irrigation system out there, plant new trees, plant some berries, build a hoop house or two, a greenhouse, a small rabbit barn, and a 3 room coop (for geese, chickens, and pigeons) with attached runs. See what I mean? Prioritize, see what you have money for, and not kill yourself doing it. They probably won’t all get finished this year, but that won’t stop me from thinking about them all the time and planning!

I wish you all luck in your plans for self-sustainability! Try not to get overwhelmed, and remember you aren’t alone! Asking for help from your friends/family doesn’t hurt either. A lesson I’ve had to suck up and learn on the ranch.

You’ve got this!

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