One More Month To Go!

Today marked the 1 month checkpoint before lambing begins in January (day 147 is January 23)! We have 20 ewes lambing if all goes according to plan. If you’re looking for Registered St Croix, Registered Katahdin, Commercial Crossbred, or Market hair sheep, please Contact Us to be put on a waiting list. We are keeping back very little this year, so there will be many to choose from.

A cross that will be going away soon are the 50% St Croix crosses. We have 6 ewes giving birth to these and all offspring will be for sale. In a previous blog I mentioned the St Croix Hair Sheep Breeders will be offering a pedigree for percentage St Croix crosses to make keeping track of the best lines so much easier. At most we will keep only one ram lamb for consideration in these crosses, the rest will be market wethers, and all the ewe lambs will be available (for breeding or market depending on quality). The same will hold true with any Katahdin cross lambs, though it is doubtful any ram lambs will be kept intact.

Any offspring that can be regsitered at a later date will be kept intact until closer to weaning for evaluation. Only one ram lamb from each registered group will ultimately be left intact as breeding quality (IF we like him enough) and the rest will be banded and sold as market stock.

We have a clean flock from diseases such as CL, OPP, and Johnes. We don’t get hoof rot either (but may occasionally get some hoof wall separation that we trim away and it may make the foot tender for a few days. After all it IS OREGON and winters are WET.)

Keep up to date with baby lamb photos and pedigrees to be shared once a week on the blog beginning the end of January!

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