Ram Lamb Emasculation Day

So this Sunday, March 31st we will be castrating 4 of the 5 ram lambs we ended up with. The moon will be a waning crescent.

A little info about the moon. Full moons increase water and anything attached to water, such as blood flow. New moons are the opposite. It only makes sense then to do activities that you want limited blood flow during a waning moon (anytime after the full moon up to the new moon). Thursday falls a day after the 3rd quarter moon (the point the moon goes from a waning gibbous to a waning crescent). Seems like a good time to castrate so we are.

If you want more information regarding moon phases and livestock/garden info, I’ll continue to educate as I go. Note: I dont get into astrology and zodiac signs, only direct moon phase influences. Astrology just isn’t my wheelhouse. I leave that to others.

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