Moon & Seasonal Info

The Moon and the Seasons affect our bodies and minds as much as the landscape around us. I plan our pasture rotations on New and Full Moon dates and try to do other things by the moon if the schedule allows. Here are some associations, first table is Moon Phases and second is the Seasonal/Solar Phases:

Moon PhaseMeaning
New MoonNew Beginnings,
Positive Changes
Waxing Crescent MoonManifestation,
First Quarter MoonCommunication,
Life Challenges
Waxing Gibbous MoonRelaxation,
Decision Making
Full MoonIntuition,
Waning Gibbous MoonRelease,
Last Quarter MoonSelf Discovery,
Waning Crescent MoonSelf Expression,
Emotional Release,
Correspondences are from the Love & Light School of Crystal Healing

Solar PhaseApprox. DateMeaning
Winter SolsticeDec 20-21Shortest day, introspection,
reflection, wishes, intentions,
hearthfire, stillness, resting,
bells, candles, evergreen
ImbolcBeginning of Feb.
(or the time between
Winter Solstice &
Spring Equinox)
Cozy, late winter,
inklings of spring, hope,
snow, candles, warm house,
hearth, return of the light
Spring EquinoxMar 20-21New life, renewal, beginnings,
possibilities, fertility,
balance of light and dark
BealtainBeginning of May
(or the time between
Spring Equinox &
Summer Solstice)
Fertility, fairies, pleasure,
fire, otherworlds,
flourishing, thriving,
new life, love, lust,
passion, abundance
Summer SolsticeJune 20-21Equality, happiness, joy,
light, longest day,
sun, abundance,
celebration, dance
LughnasadBeginning of Aug.
(or the time between
Summer Solstice &
Autumn Equinox)
The first harvest, first fruits,
family, gathering, bread,
wheat, bounty, plentifulness,
thankfulness, change
Autumn EquinoxSept 20-21Feasting, harvesting,
cornucopia, prosperity,
SamhainBeginning of Nov
(or the time between
Autumn Equinox &
Winter Solstice)
Ancestors, shadow,
darkness, divination, mischief,
harvest, loved ones, offerings
Correspondences from the Order of Bards, Ovates, & Druids