Intuitive Cartomancy

I do not identify as a Witch and am rather Agnostic but open minded. Some of these decks I use say “witch” or “pagan” on them but in reality I just love nature, I love nature spirituality, and believe there is just so much more than we can see going on out there. Most of these decks call to that part of myself (some, like the Vampyre Tarot, just fulfill my lifelong love of occult movies and legends). I don’t want to alienate anyone from any religion or spirituality. If a deck doesn’t jive with you, please move on to others as I’m sure there are some that are a better fit. I have MANY!

(Pictured is an Oracle reading from the Alchemy Flowers Oracle)

If you would like a reading, pick a category (Nature – animal, plant, both; Fae – Faeries, Mermaids; Celtic/Norse; Crystal; Celestial – Starseed, Quantum Physics, Alchemy; Spooky – Vampire, Memento Mori, Horror). Once you pick your category, I will let you know which Oracle decks are available and we can do your reading with one of those and add a matching Tarot deck to it as well.

Email me to find out more about the decks!