Commercial Crossbred Flock Photos

These 6 ewes will be what makes up the Commercial production flock for 2021. Poppy and Iris Daughter are actually sisters a year apart. One is a single, the other a twin. Whoever does the best will be kept, the other sold. Titan is a Commercial Katahdin and will be breeding Cicely and Dahlia. Dasher is a Registered St Croix and will be breeding Ginger, Poppy, and Iris Daughter. This flock will be a blend of St Croix and Katahdin predominantly, though Ginger and Cicely have very small percentages of Black Hawaiian, Barbados and Dorper along with Katahdin and St Croix. Dahlia, Poppy and Iris Daughter have Dorper, Katahdin, and St Croix.

We originally planned to upgrade the offspring of all our commercial sheep into the Katahdin flock, however, customer demand has changed our plans back to offering a Commercial Crossbred flock.