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Here at Hollow Hills Ranch & Homestead, various kinds of livestock have passed through our gates. Horses, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, geese, chickens, and many more. Our horses have gone down from 7 to 1. We no longer have cattle, pigs, goats, or geese. We plan to get chickens and maybe rabbits again at some point. Sheep have persisted through the years.

Back in the early days, when Connie’s Grandparents and then Uncle ran the farm, there were wool sheep: Suffolk mostly. When our immediate family took over the farm in the 1980’s the sheep were Suffolk and North Country Cheviot. In early 2000 we added our first St Croix ram to the flock to cross over the wool breeds. Not needing to crutch (shear around the udder and rear ends) for lambing season was fantastic! Wool prices had gone in the toilet so needing sheep that didn’t require as much shearing appealed to us. We soon added Katahdins, more St Croix, and dabbled with other breeds such as Dorper, Barbados, and Black Hawaiian. We finally settled on predominantly St Croix and Katahdin flocks. The crossbreds will remain in their own flock to sell as Commercial breeding stock.

We are planning a new chicken coop for the orchard/garden area so that we can sell both meat chickens and eggs. Rabbits and geese are easy to raise so we are determining if we want to again and the logistics of it.