Spiritual Guidance

Tarot and Oracle cards can be used as a tool for guidance in difficult times or to motivate you when you need a confirmation that you are on the right path. Whatever the question, the cards will always tell the truth. My readings can be for divination but also to help heal underlying issues so we can move forward. This is a great alternative to Energy Healing sessions for those who are new to intuitive work. I have quite a collection of cards at my disposal.

I decided that the Solar cycle and the Moon cycle are fairly similar. Full moon is Summer Solstice, Last Quarter Moon is Autumn Equinox, New Moon is Winter Solstice, and First Quarter is Vernal Equinox. Samhain is Waning Crescent, Imbolc is Waxing Crescent, Bealtain is Waxing Gibbous, and Lughnasad is Waning Gibbous. As such I utilize Tarot cards on Full/New moons and Solstices. Oracle cards on Quarter moons and Equinoxes. Casting sets for Cross Quarter days and daily readings.

In person sessions are suspended until further notice due to COVID 19. However, I can do them over email so Contact me for more info.