The Wilderness

I have always had a huge interest in living primitively and in survival in general. Since I was a kid I imagined the scotch broom as my fort and had “rooms” in it for my home.

My daughter and I enjoy going fishing, often with Shane or my mother, Connie. My mother is actually who taught me to hunt, track blood trails (well track just about anything she knew how to track), fish. Outdoor school in 6th grade taught me many survival skills to add to what my grandmother taught me about foraging.
We’re all working on teaching my daughter, Morgan all these valuable things too!

Growing up I spent a lot of time with my parents volunteering with Oregon Equestrian Trails building horse camps and maintaining trails. I would always be the one who was First Aide and CPR certified during all these activities. My saddle bags were always packed with first aid/survival gear and I even showcased it at the Oregon State Fair when OET had a booth there.

More recently I have been able to teach the public, along with some other great folks, about basic emergency preparedness, bug out bags, etc. We had a lot of fun doing this and hope to be doing more of it soon!

Shane hunts using hawks or falcons and his English Cocker Spaniel, Huckleberry. He’s the type who could get lost in the woods for weeks at a time and be perfectly happy to figure out survival on his own. You can see why he and I get along so well haha.

I am also vastly interested in Science. Astronomy, Meteorology, Chemistry, Geology, Paleontology, Archaeology, Biology, Zoology, Botany, Technology, etc. You name it!
I have an Associate Degree in Biology/Medicine/Science, one in Microcomputer/Networking, and one in Computer Applications. It’s run in my veins from an early age from my first microscope to my first telescope and beyond!

As you can see, my daughter takes after her mother in sciences. Here she is breaking through a block to get to the crystals inside of it. We both love looking at the stars, the moon, random creatures we find in the woods or creek, etc. She is an avid slime maker and beginning coder as well!

I actually watched the training video to be a Sky Watcher in case any cool thunderstorms or other less cool weather comes our way. I’m a little obsessed with the weather and probably look at my NOAA weather app 5 times a day hahaha.

When it comes to spirits, aliens, bigfoot and other cryptids, I like to keep an open mind and believe anything is possible. I have seen and heard things that make me a believer and enjoy researching it and finding out more!!!

I have a short Sasquatch story I’ll tell:

When my cousin was very young we would do coyote howls from our front porch across the field to his house (family owned area in the country). We would do this back and forth for a few minutes now and then just for fun. One day something answered. It came from the woods adjacent to where we live where there aren’t houses immediately located. It made the hair on the back our necks stand on end. Have you ever watched American Werewolf in London? The night those boys are out in the moors and the howl they hear has them running? That’s rather what it sounded like in our woods. We immediately stopped howling and went back in the house a little bit freaked out.
Fast forward about 20 years. Mom and I had taken one of our beach trips and were watching Finding Bigfoot on TV before going to bed (country folk just don’t have cable haha). They played a vocalization of bigfoot. Mom and I looked at each other and got really excited because that’s what we had heard all those years ago!

We went to a local Bigfoot meetup here in town and discovered they make glyphs with branches and will stack rocks. A week or two later I was walking one of our pastures and I found a glyph and footprints in the grass! I don’t have photos unfortunately though.

I have also been involved in some ghost hunting with a group we belong to, and that was INCREDIBLE! Often you get nothing, but that night we did! EVP’s, Sound Box, and a video camera that pinpoints ghosts in the room!

Can you tell I believe in quite a bit? haha