The Apothecary

I began my learning of medicinal herbs around the time I started at a Naturopathic Doctor Office in November 2007. I still consider myself a novice, but love knowing what I know! I am studying Intermediate Herbal Course with The Herbal Academy so that I may make herbal topicals for my customers.

Early in 2021 I decided to start the Mushroom Course through the Herbal Academy. What a fun class! I learned the folklore, history, anatomy, uses, etc of mushrooms and other fungi. In fact it is something I will be incorporating in the food forest out in the orchard AND in some herbal remedies I will create in the future.

I also plan to become a Certified Aromatherapist by taking the course from Heart of Herbs in the future. I think blending my knowledge of herbs and mushrooms from the Herbal course with the aromatherapy in my products will be quite amazing!

Right now I’m more focused on making things for family use or just trying things out to see what we like. I’m not set up to create on a more grandiose scale just yet. Our larger focus is getting the yard and orchard planted so more is at our disposal.