The Apothecary

I began my learning of medicinal herbs around the time I started at a Naturopathic Doctor Office in November 2007. I still consider myself a novice, but love knowing what I know! I am studying Intermediate Herbal Course with The Herbal Academy so that I may make herbal topicals for my customers.

Early in 2021 I decided to start the Mushroom Course through the Herbal Academy. What a fun class! I learned the folklore, history, anatomy, uses, etc of mushrooms and other fungi. In fact it is something I will be incorporating in the food forest out in the orchard AND in some herbal remedies I will create in the future.

I also plan to become a Certified Aromatherapist by taking the course from Heart of Herbs in the future. I think blending my knowledge of herbs and mushrooms from the Herbal course with the aromatherapy in my products will be quite amazing!