Adding Natural Remedies

This past year and a half has been about restructuring with Covid. I left my job as a licensed Massage Therapist on March 16, 2020 as I also care for my mother who is a high risk individual. I decided it was time to focus on homesteading and earning an income from home. We have so many projects in mind, but of course the cost of metal and wood has skyrocketed, putting many of those on hold. I also noticed the prices of young trees has gone up tremendously so it will be slow going adding them to the “Food Forest” project and landscaping the yard around the house as well. I’ve been taking this time to add more education to my repertoire.

Early in the year I decided to start the Mushroom Course through the Herbal Academy. What a fun class! I learned the folklore, history, anatomy, uses, etc of mushrooms and other fungi. In fact it is something I will be incorporating in the food forest out in the orchard AND in some herbal remedies I will create in the future.

July 20, 2021

Another of the things I accomplished was certification in something I have been in love with doing for more than 15 years, Crystal Healing. I loved the science approach used in these courses and learned many new things. Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy suited me perfectly!

November 15, 2021

Now keep in mind, I never let my massage license lapse so I will continue with education I can use to keep my license, I’m just not doing massage anymore. Deep tissue work is tough and I would rather not break myself down when I have this wonderful homestead to run. I can still dispense advice, maybe educate my clients about things they can do to feel better, but my days of digging into knots are done. I can also use my license for the Crystal Therapies and other modalities in that vein that I might pick up as time goes on.

I am set to take more courses on Herbal Remedy making as well. Once I feel confident about it, I will be making topicals for my customers. My own special concoctions of course! I can’t wait to get to that point down the road!

The prepper/survivalist part of me wants to take courses in Wilderness Medicine at some point too. I’ve always been drawn to healing and farm life has gotten me pretty well de-sensitized to anything I might come across. Another good thing to have in your bag of knowledge in case emergencies pop up. I maintain my CPR/BLS card as part of my massage license too which I feel is super important, especially when you care for someone on a regular basis in your home.

Don’t let Covid keep you down. Re-invent yourself!

If you want to find out more about us, please visit the About the Homestead section of the website!

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