Rams For Sale

I’ve decided to sell Titan and Dasher.

Titan’s an unregistered, mostly purebred Katahdin. I was using him on my commercial flock but I really don’t need him anymore. He’s a sweet ram, easy to handle. We’ve had him since he was 4 months old. I have a couple ewes bred to him this year and included some of his last year’s and this year’s lambs photos below.

ID: “Titan”
SEX: Ram
DOB: 12/30/17
COLOR: Black
BREED: 90+% Katahdin/ >10% Dorper
SIRE: “Hank” (90+% Katahdin/>10% Dorper)
DAM: “Lily” (100% Katahdin)
PRICE: $275

Dasher is a Registered St Croix ram that we bred and raised here at Hollow Hills Ranch & Homestead. He needs a much bigger flock of ewes than we have, and he’s too related to our ewes to continue to use him. We used him this year on nearly all our St Croix ewes and last year he bred the commercial Katahdin flock. I’ve included pictures from both breedings below.

ID: “Dasher” HHR 1004
Sex: Ram
DOB: 2/7/18
COLOR: White
BREED: 100% St Croix
SIRE: “Flash” SUMMIT 1085 (100% St Croix)
DAM: “Dori” HHR 925 (100% St Croix)
PRICE: $375

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