Sheep Goals

It feels weird not writing a post a day with baby lambs pictured. We caught a brief respite in the midst of the lambing season. This has gotten me thinking…….a dangerous prospect I’m sure!

As of right now we have the Registered St Croix, Registered Katahdin, Recorded Katahdin, and Commercial Crossbred flocks of ewes as you well know if you’ve wandered my website. Based on the waiting list for lambs this year I am struck with the volume of orders for St Croix. In order to build the St Croix flock, we need to let go of the Commercial Crossbred flock. We will be building the Recorded Katahdin up to Registered status, while culling a few that just don’t make the cut and purchasing a few more Registered St Croix ewes. We were of course devastated for multiple reasons when one of our two black/white Registered St Croix ewes died from pregnancy toxemia a few days back. Fortunately the other one gave birth to some nice ram lambs (commercial due to a ram break in and unknown father).

So far for this coming breeding season we are looking at breeding 8 Registered St Croix ewes to Registered St Croix ram, Luke, who is also black/white. Registered Katahdin ram, Chief, will be getting 12 Registered/Recorded/Commercial Katahdin ewes as we phase out the Commercial ewes.

Any input my customers may have, I would gladly love to hear! Just shoot me an email located in the Contact section of the website.

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