Huckleberry and Friends

The newest member of the homestead has his own YouTube channel called Huckleberry & Friends . Quoted from the channel “Follow the adventures of Huckleberry the dog as he goes from puppy to falconry dog. We encourage you to be apart of the journey and come along with us. I try to post videos as they happen throughout the day. So you watch Huckleberry and his friends as they have their adventures. Meet the hawks that Huckleberry meets. Be there when he makes his first flush and his first retrieve. Join us in something special and real in a time of cheap and fake. I encourage you to ask questions in the comments and when we get enough we can answer those. So smash that like button and ring that bell. Help a growing pup out and share his video and then let’s go on an adventure.”

Here’s a couple of videos from that channel to give you an example:

Huckleberry and Friends thank you!!

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