Ewe Lambs For Sale


I’ve decided to go ahead and sell 2 St Croix ewe lambs I was evaluating to keep.

One is a Registered St Croix ewe lamb, a twin. Comes from good bloodlines but I want to go a different direction with her dam so I don’t need her. Here is her info:

ID: 16
Sex: Ewe
DOB: 1/30/20
COLOR: White
BREED: 100% St Croix
SIRE: “Douglas Fir” SR 1316R (100% St Croix)
DAM: “Bella” HHR 970 (100% St Croix)
PRICE: $250

The other is pretty small so I will be selling her for market price. She might make a good pet for someone who already has a sheep or two. She only weighed 34 lbs at weaning and was a single. I haven’t weighed her lately but she’s probably only gained a few pounds. Her picture is below:

ID: 38
Sex: Ewe
DOB: 2/23/20
COLOR: White
BREED: 100% St Croix
PRICE: $75

I also still have a Registered St Croix ram available too. Just go to the St Croix Available page to see more about him!

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