News From the Homestead

April 13, 2020.

Lamb Evaluation day is postponed until this Friday. Last week and last weekend were simply too busy. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, castration can still happen anytime this week, so Friday it is!

Last week I spent everyday policing my daughter with her online school to make sure she’s not just on there chatting with friends. Three of the days I spent mowing lawn as well which seems to grow overnight! I’ll start the whole mowing process again today!

Last Saturday my Landscaper friend came out and we burned out some blackberries in the orchard. They went up quick and hot! Later this week, my daughter and I will go out and cut the green ones out that didn’t burn in that area. I think getting the vegetable garden raised beds in will be paramount this coming weekend. It takes time to install them and get the dirt in place. Many things can be planted now, such as cold crops. It’s rather late for peas, but carrots, radishes, spinach, etc can get started. Really looking forward to this new garden system we are putting in the orchard! This is a much overdue project! I’m so thankful for the experienced help I’m getting.

A view of the orchard. Blackberries in right of photo are burned out. Lots of work needed out here!

Mother has some incredible ideas she wants for our front yard landscaping. Kind of woodland, a pond, meandering pathways and such. Sounds amazing! It will also be pollinator friendly of course. Lots of native plant species. The slideshow below are views of our front yard currently. Lots of room!

Well enjoy your day! The weather is beautiful here for the rest of this week!

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