St Croix Crosses

In light of an additional registration the St Croix Hair Sheep Breeders is implementing, St Croix crosses from at least one registered St Croix parent will be able to have paperwork. These cannot be bred up to pure St Croix, but will have a different designation. 6 of our ewes will be producing 50% St Croix offspring this year if you want to get on board with creating a wider gene pool and a profitable crossbred flock with pedigrees. All ram lambs from these crosses will be evaluated and potentially up for sale as breeding stock. As we are trying to upgrade our own flock, we will be keeping many ewe lambs. Ewe lamb stock will be very limited so getting your name on a list will be vital. We are OPP, CL, Johnes disease free and have no hoof rot issues.

The ewes giving birth are the following breed combinations:
~ 100% St Croix ewe, Flora (full sister to Dasher) with 100% Katahdin ram, Big Red
~ 100% Katahdin ewe, Colby with 100% St Croix ram, Dasher
~ 90+% Katahdin ewe, Magpie with 100% St Croix ram, Dasher
~ 90+% Katahdin ewe, Merla with 100% St Croix ram, Dasher
~ 46.875% Katahdin/37.5% St Croix/15.625% Dorper ewe, Dahlia with 100% St Croix ram, Dasher
~ 54.6875% Katahdin/29.6875% St Croix/17.1875% Dorper/1.5625% Barbados/1.5625% Black Hawaiian ewe, Cicely with 100% St Croix ram, Dasher

Price of lambs will be $200 at weaning. Available mid May, 2020.

Pictured: Top Row: Flora, Dasher, Cicely. Second Row: Dahlia, Merla, Magpie. Third Row: Colby, Big Red

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