Samhain Season – Changes on the Ranch

The Celtic New Year officially started on Sunday with the New Moon during the season of Samhain (Ancient Celtic beginning of Winter). With it the pastures became locked down to the livestock, they were sorted into two groups (Ewes/Ewe lambs, and Rams/Lllamas/Horse). They are now getting fed hay from now until the pastures open up again around the Spring Equinox roughly. The young ewes that didn’t get bred are now flirting with the boys through the fence causing the boys to not eat until they leave the fence. The llamas look generally annoyed at not being able to go down into the woods anymore and show their disdain of having to babysit the rams. The horse, as usual, is ambivalent and could care less whether she’s in the pasture or at the barn. In fact I think she likes to be lazy and just have to eat at the feeder instead. This morning the ewes called to me when they heard me open the back door. They don’t want to be locked up, they want out! The things I have to do to give the pastures a break haha.

Two projects are to happen before lambing season starts the end of January. One, I need to rent a tractor to clean the barn and two, I would like to build a new lean-to for the horse/llamas/rams so I can move them to a better area for the winter. I wish I had thought of the lean-to in the summer when the weather was nice! But oh well haha.

Until next time!

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