Potential Availability

This is the forecast of animals for sale this spring beginning in May 2019. All are grass/alfalfa fed, no grain. BoSe and CD/T are the only injections given. We are CL/OPP/Johnnes free. If you want Biosecurity or Scrapie testing of your animals for your records, you will need to pay for this service along with your deposit. Breeding stock animals will have a $100 deposit per animal to hold until pickup. Payments made must be cash only or via paypal (If interested I will give you the information to send payment this way).

  • Yearling Registered St Croix Ram $300
  • 5 Year old Registered St Croix Ewe $250
  • 3 year old Commercial Katahdin Ewe $250
  • 3 year old Cull ewe for meat $145
  • 2 – Yearling Cull Ewes for meat $125 each
  • 1 – January 2019 born Commercial Ram lamb $200 (PENDING)
  • 3 – January 2019 born Commercial Katahdin Ewe lambs $200 each
  • 5 – January 2019 born Market lambs (ewe and wethers) for meat, price dependent on size category. Range $65-$125. (PENDING) Will have a better idea of sizes after April 20th.

PLEASE NOTE: Animals are not handled daily and typically are not pets unless they were bottle babies. Adults are only handled about 3-4 times a year unless there is a problem. Don’t expect these sheep to be pets, they are not, and good woven fence will be needed before you take these sheep home with you. I’ve actually had people try to put sheep in nothing more than electric fence and wonder why they ran off into the woods.

I will keep this list updated as animals become unavailable or we decide to make more available.

If you have any questions please click the “Contact” link at the top and send me a message! I love to help people learn about their sheep and am more than willing to continue to answer questions throughout the life of the sheep and beyond. I love getting updates and pictures too so feel free to shoot me an email any time!

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